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We can build OpenCV under Visual Studio by using CMake under Windows7. It is very easy to do this job using edition OpenCV 2.4.X with Visual Studio 2008.

But when I try to build OpenCV 3.1.0 under Visual Studio 2008, there are some errors!

The first error is :

Error   131     fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'stdint.h': No such file or directory      g:\setup_files\opencv\windows\opencv-3.1.0\sources\modules\imgcodecs\src\jpeg_exif.hpp  51

To fix this error, just google the stdint.h file and put it under the build path of OpenCV.

The second error is:

Error   1       error C2039: 'data' : is not a member of 'std::vector<_Ty>'     g:\setup_files\OpenCV\Windows\OpenCV-3.1.0\sources\modules\videoio\src\cap_mjpeg_decoder.cpp    793

This error is generated by \modules\videoio\src∩_mjpeg_decoder.cpp line 793, the origin code is:, chunk.m_size);

To fix this error, just change the code into following:[0], chunk.m_size);

OpenCV 3.1.0 uses C++11 code but Visual Studio 2008 doesn’t support this feature.

By done these, re-compile your solution then you will get the OpenCV 3.1.0 libraries from Visual Studio 2008.

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