Posted on 20-02-2012
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My Bugzilla meets a strange problem. I used my IP as my Bugzilla urlbase setting. So I can login into my Bugzilla by following style address:

But right now the IP of the server has been changed, but Bugzilla will still jump to the old address once I login.

Because it is using old address to let me login, so I can’t login into administrator page to change the urlbase to the new IP.

My question is: where does Bugzilla save the urlbase string? I want to change it manually, so I can relogin my Bugzilla again.

The solution is very simple. Just need to change following line :

'urlbase' => '',

in file


under Bugzilla installation path.

BTW: I have started a thread in StackOverflow about this question and you can vote you ideas to the thread.

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Liumangxuxu on 21 July, 2012 at 12:06 am #

Bugzilla is my favorite bug manager. I also met this problem while my network brokes.


WaterLin Reply:

Bugzilla! Just test for reply comment with Emails.


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