Posted on 23-07-2012
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If you are using WordPress to build your sites, I think you want to link to other sites in your WordPress navigation menu. For example, to link to your Wiki sub site, your photo album site, etc.

By default in WordPress Admin panel, by clicking Pages ==> Add New menu function, WordPress just adds a new page in navigation menu which can be About, Message page etc.. But this page can’t link to other side if you want to do so. WordPress has given a permalink of this page and you can just change the sub-part of the permalink.

At this time, someone will tell you to modify your WordPress template and add some navigation menu to your WordPress template. There are some inconveniences to do so, especially WordPress is multi-blog system right now. Your blogs can use the same template, just like my English blog and my Chinese blog. If you do any change to the template, the effect will show in all blogs using this template.

We should keep this in mind: Firmly believe that most of the work in this world, other people have provided a way to do a good job.

We can use following two WordPress plugins to terminate above job except modifying template files.

Plugin 1: SoJ Page Link

I use SoJ Page Link to jump to other sites in WordPress navigation menu. But this plugin is out of date, so I don’t know if it still works.

You can try it and let me know how it works.

Plugin 2: Page Links To

Page Links To can do the same job as SoJ Page Link does, or ever better. After installation, we can find an option while you are adding pages in WordPress Admin Panel:

Point this content to:

* Its normal WordPress URL

* An alternate URL

So, You can make your right choise.

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