Posted on 15-11-2012
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When we need to copy rich content from HTML page while using Emacs Org Mode to take notes or write blogs, I used to copy the content directly and paste it to org file. Then all the rich text becomes plain text.

This way is simple but has a defect: if you are copy rich text with hyperlinks or formatted text, you need to add hyperlinks and formats after you pasting the text. The business is too troublesome to miss anything important.

Today I find a tool which can copy w3m rich text to Org file and keep the format. The steps to do it are:

First use Emacs-w3m to explore internet, then install org-w3m mode, and finally you can use command M-x org-w3m-copy-for-org-mode or keybindings C-c C-x M-w to copy rich text and convert HTML content to Org tags automatically.

It seems that org-w3m is a good toy, haha~~

PS: it will be better if we can copy images from HTML and cache them under folder which we are editing org files. Maybe someday I will make one Emacs mode for this.

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